Dragon Ball Z Reborn

This timeline stretches 1000 years past the saiyans life's there are no more saiyans but a doctor Named Mr. Shedo has found the vaccine to this he has created artificial saiyans and remade Planet vegeta
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 Dragon Balls Collecting Rules

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PostSubject: Dragon Balls Collecting Rules   Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:39 am


It takes 5 posts of at least 500 words to find one or 1 post of 2500 words to find a dragonball. If you obtain a dragon radar then it takes 4 posts of at least 500 words to find or 1 post of 2000 words to find.

*You may have immortality for only 1 months (real time)*

Basic info for the dragons/dragonballs

Summon Names: Shenron or Eternal Dragon
Wishes: 1

All dragonballs are found on Earth

Summon Name: Porunga
Wishes: 3

All dragonballs are found on Namek

Black Star
Summon Name: Eternal Dragon
Wishes: 1

Dragonballs are found all over the universe.
*Once a ball is found on a planet another cannot be found there*
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Dragon Balls Collecting Rules
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